About Us

Footwear market is really confident about it’s growing awareness of latest trends and consciousness among consumers We say the first thing that someone notices about you is your feet and your footwear, so why not invest in the best pair of footwear that would enhance your personality to the very best. Footwear has evolved from being just a mere necessity as a protection for your feet to an important accessory that ups your fashion game right away. The growing fashion and lifestyle market has given an impetus to the footwear industry

The “BNG” has not become a Brand by chance. It has been the outcome of exemplary vision, meticulous effort and undivided commitment of all its stakeholders over decades. The system is perfect as all its subsystems have been designed keeping in view the vision and mission of the company, they gel well with each other, operate synchronously, and undergo continuous improvements. This holistic approach is what distinguishes BNG from others. Our vast industry experience males us to understand the diverse needs of our clients. Thus, we are able to offer the most appropriate range of our products. We manufacture our products with superior quality materials that are tested for their durability and reliability. Products offered by us are suitable and comfortable that provides excellent service to the customer.

Positive Impact

BNG Fashion Gears was founded by Shri Rajender Gupta Ji in year 1973. He aimed to make a positive impact in many ways: through our Quality products, our commercial operations and relationships ,through voluntary contributions and through various other ways which we engage with society.

Since its inception, BNG has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define our company .They guide how we behave and make decision.

Next Steps…

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